We offer a strategic partnership as a trusted resource to assist you in making qualified decisions on how to purchase your energy, the smart way.

Our secret formula to service your needs. 

Helping businesses become more profitable by reducing operational costs for energy.

Guiding with confidence through the maze of options by using data, strategy & management to deliver optimal outcomes.

Empowering businesses to gain greater control over buying decisions, taking back the balance of power from Energy Providers.

Providing insider information to help business avoid the many traps in the energy market.

Providing assurance that energy costs are managed to allow the business to focus on their core purpose.

Our Vision

  • To take action now, so our clients are not left behind as the energy marketplace rapidly shifts and changes.
  • To prepare our customers for a different energy future.
  • By understanding energy costs alongside energy efficiency, we establish powerful insights. This understanding will prepare us for the energy future of tomorrow.

Our promise 

  • If we can save you money on your energy bills, we will outline our strategy and present you with a recommendation for a strategic partnership with a professional and qualified proposal.
  • If we can’t identify real savings, we’ll tell you and schedule a future review in 12 months time, so you are keep updated, and on track. You haven’t spent a cent and we have validated that you are currently well placed in the market.

Our Mission

  • Honesty to offer independent energy advice.
  • 100% free from hidden brokerage costs, performance fees, commissions & kickbacks.
  • Customer-centric focussed care and service.
  • Problem solve with collaboration to offer affordable solutions for energy cost efficiencies. 
  • Continue to adapt our practices to meet the changing energy structure.
  • Strategic thinking for immediate and long-term planning.
  • Grassroot advocacy for a customer centric system to bring a fair go for all.   
  • Embrace high ethical standards within the rules and regulations set by the Australian Energy Commission.

Our Values  

  • We pride ourselves in how we operate.
  • Committed to personalised customer-centric care. Passionate to the task at hand with a fair minded approach to deliver cost savings to our clients.
  • Honesty and determination for affordable solutions.
  • Excellence for quality standards and practices.

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Our Story

As energy market strategists we immerse ourselves in commercial business doing what we do best, providing independent advice that sees business owners become wiser about how to optimise their energy costs with greater efficiencies.

We believe that businesses deserve a fair go and that no one should pay a cent more for power than necessary.

By uncovering the mysteries of power bills and the mechanics behind them we ensure that business owners are not taken advantage of and have a trusted source for truth

Whether we’re dealing with an independent, family owned business, franchise, or large power hungry operations, our expertise to uncover savings and deliver strategy with independent advice is what we have become renowned for.

We are results orientated and offer a personalised service to bring you the smarter way to purchase energy.”


  • Business Energy Strategists in Energy Cost Management here to work for you.
  • Keep you on track with your energy cost efficiencies.
  • Family Owned and Fiercely independent. 
  • We stand for helping businesses get a fair go.