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Bakery Electricity Bills

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Bakery electricity bills – We have  seen plenty and worked with some incredible Bakers ranging from small family-owned artisan bakeries to hard-working franchise owners in big brand bakeries.


These people are up before dawn breaks so they can provide our daily bread and other goodies.


Electricity powers everything they do, and WiseUp is thrilled to power energy savings for these hard-working Business owners. Cheaper electricity for Bakeries – Tick!

Case Study: Family Owned Bakery in Brisbane

Saving dough for bakeries

  • Electricity Bill Savings 20% 20%


Our client owns a bakery, supplying artisan bread and gourmet cakes in the greater Brisbane area. Like many business owners, our client is the director and wears a dozen other hats, one being the chief baker. Imagine getting up at 3 am to run the show and seeing the nightfall only to do it all again the next day – 7 days a week!


Bakery Electricity Bills


We have worked with this client for several years. We know he is passionate about making fabulous cakes and bread, not electricity bills. 

  • He has one factory and one retail shop. Each has different bills with different contract/plan end dates.
  • One site is on a commercial contract, and the other is on a small business plan. 
  • To make things even more confusing, he has different meter classifications and different tariffs.
  • It’s complicated and time-consuming to keep track of all of this and ensure that the electricity bill charges are correct.
  • He is rarely available to take calls to discuss energy and needed a set and forget plan for his energy cost management.


Bakery Electricity Bills Reduced


The overriding WiseUp ‘Energy Solution’ here is trust.

Our brief was to give our client a solid energy cost management plan, at minimal cost, requiring minimal involvement from him. Mission accomplished!

Electricity Metering

We set up and independent metering agreement to enable direct access to his energy data. This saved time and the direct metering is at a lower rate than previously charged through his retailer.

Electricity Bills

We have pre-approved, direct access to his electricity bills.  

  • To ensure his electricity charges are correct via our bill checking service.
  • To validate all cost elements for each site with usage compared yearly to validate that the types of agreements and tariffs are still the best fit. 

Electricity Procurement

Our client has used the WiseUp energy procurement service No commissions or incentives involved – just cheaper electricity.

  • We tendered for a new commercial contract.
  • We negotiated a better small business plan and recommended a 24-month term to secure lower rates. 

Energy Efficiency

  • We identified low energy efficiency (Power Factor) on-site and recommended an energy efficiency audit. The data showed that investment in the energy efficiency audit would benefit his overall energy cost management strategy.

Benefits Delivered

The benefits of engaging WiseUp were realised in the following areas noting that cost and contract management benefits are priceless.

We have provided a step-by-step action plan to manage his energy costs. We do all the heavy lifting, leaving him to do the flour sifting.

Our client has on-demand procurement support and can go about his business, knowing that he has an independent energy expert on his team. 

His electricity bills are correct, and he is not paying 1 cent more for electricity than he needs to.

Bakery Electricity Bills Reduced

  • We compared all offers and
  •  We negotiated lower rates, saving $14,525 over the 2-year contract.  

Energy Cost and Contract Management

Our client trusts us to manage the following.

  • Commercial contract.
  • Small business plan.
  • All site data relevant to managing energy costs.
  • All energy-related retailer and network correspondence.

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