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We have recently completed a project for a large RSL Club on the Sunshine Coast, Qld.


The Case Study below demonstrates that huge savings can be found when organisations harness the power of their usage data and go to market with a competitive tender process.


Case Study: How We Saved One RSL Club $383,549 in Future Electricity Costs

Procurement via Competitive Tender

Create Retailer Competition to Reduce Business Energy Costs

We saved $383,549 in energy costs for our RSL Club client by going to market by tender – the smarter way to procure energy.

The facts.

  • WiseUp created the tender and presented our client to multiple retailers with a detailed usage analysis, including 5-minute meter data.
  • Retailers presented their best offers based on the supporting documentation provided.
  • WiseUp then processed and analysed the data, comparing multiple combinations of peak and off-peak rates, environmental levies, metering charges and supply charges that varied between offers.
  • Our client made an informed, data-driven decision for their business.
  • On this occasion, their current retailer offered the most expensive rates and will lose the client when the contract ends.
  • Had our client accepted their offer, they would have paid $383,549 more for the same power over their next contract!

    How Did the Client Benefit?

    Our client is busy running a community organisation. They find the energy market overly confusing and don’t have the tools to analyse and compare complex energy data, over multiple offers. Our procurement tender service does all the work for them for a very affordable flat fee.

    Bonus $$ Saved Due to our Attention to Detail

    While we were reviewing the data and previous bills, we realised that they were also overcharged for on their demand charges that had been calculated incorrectly. We have actioned this and the retailer had advised they will receive a credit for $3,833.59 that was overcharged.

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