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Reducing Electricity Costs for Not For Profits

The Smarter Way


We have worked with some incredible organisations who are dedicated to serving the community.


Whether it be providing support for the disabled community or advocacy services for the disadvantaged and homeless – these organisations are focussed on humanity, not power bills.


Every dollar saved on electricity is another dollar back in the community. We are proud to have delivered tangible benefit to the community via savings on energy bills.

Case Study: Disability Support Services


We have recently worked with a large not-for-profit organisation who provide disability support services across Queensland and northern NSW.


Although this NFP was quite diligent and staff relatively informed, there were elements to understanding energy cost management and procurement that they were missing. 

As a result, costs were not optimal.

As with many large organisations, responsibility for procurement had changed hands over time. 

  • 70 + sites spread over two states, where there are different network providers.
  • Several different types of contracts and retailer providers.
  • Energy usage per site was quite variable, so they were in different electricity buying categories with different rules applying to each category in each network.
  • Lack of visibility of energy usage and contracts across all sites.
  • Lack of central coordination and knowledge in energy cost management and procurement.
  • Some contacts had expired, resulting in higher overall charges.
  • Energy experts were not checking Bills.


The WiseUp Energy Solution was to breakdown each site and all cost elements. This deep dive provided us with the data, and our knowledge and tools enabled us to action the following.

  • A multi-site strategy to manage and reduce electricity costs. 
  • Documentation and process improvements to capture and manage each site’s energy data. 
  • Solutions to identify multi-site and multi-bill tenancies.
  • Commercial contract analysis identifying some were not fit for purpose. 
  • Pre-contact and post-contract bill checks to identify errors.
  • Validation of Tariffs and metering charges.
  • Solar energy reviews to establish what was installed and where.
  • Identified where energy efficiency reviews would warrant the investment.
  • Consolidated sites and compared the market.
  • Negotiated better rates direct without commissions or incentives, resulting in significant savings.

Benefits Delivered

The benefits of engaging WiseUp were realised in the following areas noting that cost and contract management benefits are priceless.

Cheaper Power Bills

  • We identified $13,500 in missing State Government stimulus payments.
  • We compared all offers and negotiated lower rates, saving $88,526 over the 2-year contract.  
  • Total savings $102,026 that will be put back into the disabled community.

Energy Cost and Contract Management

Our client now has.

  • Full visibility of all commercial contracts.
  • Full visibility all site data relevant to managing energy costs.
  • A step-by-step action plan to manage contracts and network charges.
  • Sites flagged that need further investigation for energy efficiency.
  • Procurement support for their team is just a phone call away.

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