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What is Energy Cost Management Consultancy

WiseUp Energy Solutions are Business Energy Strategists specialising in Energy Cost Management.  We offer services in;

  • Energy cost management planning.
  • Customer direct metering solutions.
  • Electricity bill audits.
  • Electricity and gas procurement.
  • Solar ready analysis.
  • Energy cost management, strategy sessions.

We are not a one size fits all company.  We offer bespoke, expert energy consultancy solutions and can work within or alongside your business.  We offer competitive hourly or daily consultancy rates by negotiation.

What's the Benefit for My Business?
  • Your business has access to an energy cost management expert.
  • You will have inside information on the many tricks and traps of the energy market.
  • Energy cost management services delivered to your business when and where is the best fit.
  • Ongoing education to better position your business to manage energy costs in the future
  • Each energy consultancy agreement will have clear delivery objectives and success criteria. Hence, you have complete control over the scope and can assess the value-add during and on completion of the engagement.
What's Included?

It’s entirely up to you!

WiseUp Energy Solutions Service Catalogue

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Energy Cost Management

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Customer Direct Metering Solutions

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Electricity Bill Audits

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Energy Procurement

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Solar Ready Analysis

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Energy Cost Management Strategy Sessions

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Complimentary Energy Plan Consult

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