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Energy Cost Management

Reduce Business Energy Costs - The Smarter Way
Your Energy Cost Management Plan
What is Energy Cost Management?

Energy Cost Management is a complete review of every element of your energy costs. This holistic process focuses on the way your business consumes energy to establish a bespoke profile. Using this profile, we dig deep to ensure that EVERY part of your electricity bill is tuned perfectly to help you to reduce business energy costs.

We use actual data from various sources to build your profile. We then validate that your energy plans and contracts are fit for purpose and delivering the very best value. Your Energy Cost Management Plan includes a detailed action to deliver the lowest cost, fit for purpose energy solution.

Electricity rates, tariffs, network charges, and metering charges are essential in managing energy costs. The ‘missing link’, though, is strategy. Your business will always be reactive to the energy market without a strategy to manage your energy costs. Your Energy Cost Management Plan includes a strategy to position your business as a sophisticated energy consumer, wary of the energy industry’s pitfalls.

What's the Benefit for My Business?

Data Analysis

Your Energy Cost Management plan provides a detailed snapshot of all energy costs and usage for your business. It provides a baseline on which to measure future savings.

Value for Money

You can measure the value proposition of the Energy Cost Management Plan in two ways;

  • Dollars saved in lower energy costs.
  • Time saved managing and procuring energy. You can focus on your core business.


The energy experts at WiseUp Energy Solutions will work with your business to provide strategies to manage your business energy costs.

  • Energy Market industry insights.
  • Identify how to reduce costs by using energy differently.
  • Understand Solar Energy
  • Commercial contracts – timing is everything.
  • Know when to look at energy efficiency
  • Learn how to minimise metering costs
  • Finally, understand your electricity bill and what each line item is.
  • 3rd party fees and charges – know where to look and how to reduce costs.
  • Have a bespoke plan to manage energy costs the smarter way.

Reducing Business Energy Costs

  • One of the critical goals in energy cost management is reducing business energy costs.
  • Spend less on electricity bills and watch your profits grow.

What's Included?

Data Analyses

We analyse source data, including:

  • Electricity bills.
  • Retailer, metering, broker, and third-party contracts. 
  • Usage data direct from the meter – Nem12 interval data where available.
  • Network classifications & tariffs.
  • Retailer pricing specifications.
  • Solar usage & feed in data direct from the inverter.

To inform the current state analyses for the business.

Energy Cost Management Report

  • Dashboard – current state and flagging areas of concern. To identify where WiseUp can reduce business electricity costs.
    • Annual electricity consumption (kWh p.a.).
    • Electricity Meter – Type and capability.
    • Historical electricity bill review.
    • Network classification and tariffs.
    • Comparative market analyses.
  • Electricity Usage Profile
    • Usage breakdown across Peak, Off-Peak, Shoulder and Controlled Loads
    • Demand – kVA / kW.
    • Solar Energy – kW consumed and fed to network.
  • Electricity Cost Profile
    • Retailer Charges.
    • Supply Charges.
    • Network Tariff.
    • Broker/third party fees and charges.
    • Metering Charges.
  • Action Plan to Reduce Electricity costs
    • A detailed breakdown of all actions required to achieve the savings identified in the Dashboard.
    • Procurement recommendations*
    • Summary of Savings on Electricity Bills

*Note that for businesses classified by the network as a small business Customer, procurement services are included in the cost of the Energy Cost Management Plan.  Procurement tenders for Commercial and Industrial Customers are not included.  See WiseUp Procurement Services.


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