Comprehensive Energy Cost Review

The smarter way to reduce electricity and gas bill costs.

Energy Account Management

The smarter way to manage energy costs.

Solar Suitability Assessment

The smarter way to take control of buying solar.

Independent Metering Solutions

The smarter way to control metering data and costs.

Energy Procurement

The smarter way to buy energy.

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Reduce Your Business Energy Costs Today

Need help to understand your business energy bills? Have you been told you need to move to a contestable contract but aren’t sure what it means (or if it will save you money)? Not sure if you are on the right tariff?

Thinking of adding in solar but not sure if the cost outweighs the benefit, if you will actually reduce your bills, or if you should lease or buy your solar system?

We help you understand, plan and simplify your business energy needs. Our energy consultancy services are designed around you and your business.

Each business is unique, and the solutions that are right for one business will not work for other businesses. That’s why we work one-on-one with you to find out what you need and what will work for your business.

It’s all about creating a bespoke energy cost management strategy for your business to save money on electricity bills.


Tailor Made Energy Solutions. Designed to Save.

  • Identify and validate your existing arrangements.
  • Centralise and streamline your administrative processes.
  • Review network, pricing and rules around your energy arrangements.
  • Maximise your energy infrastructure investments.
  • Teach you how to self-mange your own energy acquisition of your energy arrangements.

Are you on the right energy plan for your business?

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Energy Bill & Contract Audits

All Wise Up engagements start with a comprehensive energy bill audit to find out the current state of play with your energy usage and bills and then identify areas of potential enhancement.  
  • Collate and review existing retailer electricity contracts.
  • Review consumption data against current pricing tariffs to ensure you are correctly billed and recouping any overpayments.
  • Recommend an energy strategy that takes advantage of every possible discount, retailer incentive and economies of scale.

Solar Energy Audits

Solar energy can be a brilliant cost saver for your business if you have the correct sized system, optimal location and are funded in the most effective way possible.  
  • Review site suitability for solar energy solutions.
  • Identify potential cost/benefits of different purchase/lease options.
  • Review existing solar panels and systems to ensure they are correctly sized to realise potential savings.

Tariff Restructuring & Contract Negotiation

Are you on the best tariff to match your energy usage pattern? Do you need to go onto a contestable contract or are there other alternatives? Are you at risk of bracket creep and about to be charged higher rates?  
  • Review and help you to understand contracts you have made with Electricity Retailers including contracts of smart meters that may have hidden commissions and charges.
  • Negotiate offers for energy and metering contracts.
  • Compare offers and recommend optimal solutions.

Solar Proposal Reviews

Have you decided that solar is right for your business but have several quotes from suppliers that all use different figures, which makes comparing them difficult and confusing? Are you not sure whether the plans will save you money or if you will be buying a long-term headache?

We can help!

We can independently review your proposals and translate them in a way that makes your decision making easier and more straight forward. You will get clear information on the pros and cons of each of the quotes, and recommendations on what will meet your business needs.

Need help navigating the electricity minefield?

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