Our Process

Our Approach

We believe that business owners genuinely want to understand their energy contracts and bills, but get lost in the jargon and deliberately complex contracts.

Our approach is to make the complex simple


  • To be 100% on the client’s side.
  • No hidden charges or commissions.
  • To deliver a full grassroots service, where we go into businesses and do the hard yards of making sense of what they have and where they need to be to achieve their goals.
  • To shine a light on what people are paying on their energy bills – which parts are mandatory and which parts are within their control to change.
  • To advocate on behalf of our clients. To negotiate, analyse and fight for the best possible deal for their needs.
  • To help our clients plan and invest wisely for both now and into the future for their energy needs.

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How does it work?

Every business is different and needs a tailored approach to help minimise their energy spend. Our consulting framework includes:

1 – Data Capture

2 – Analyse Data and Categorise Sites

3 – Quick Wins

4 – Contestable Contract Renegotiations

5 – Solar Recommendations

6 – Request and compare solar quotes

7 – Renegotiate group pricing for bulk sites

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