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Take control of your energy costs

Electricity costs are an ever-increasing business expense, matched by ever more confusing providers, contracts, charges and variations. Trying to keep pace with the changes and find your way through the energy minefield seems harder each day.

Choosing the right energy provider, with the best electricity strategy for your business now and into the future, can be harder than picking the trifecta at the Melbourne Cup.

That’s where an independent energy consultant comes in. Honest, thorough advice on your business energy needs can save you thousands of dollars each year.

Our goal is to turn the complex minefield of data into usable information simple, easy to understand strategies. You will be presented with data in many different forms from many different sources, but what does it all mean? We translate data into information that your business can use.

There are no cookie cutter solutions here! We work one-on-one with you and your team; getting hands-on sourcing your bills, and then digging into all your current electricity contracts, agreements and data as part of a thorough energy bill review.

We become your energy advocate: finding any immediate savings, planning your next move, reviewing and managing tenders and quotes, and negotiating with retailers, brokers and solar suppliers on your behalf if required.

Because of our intensely personal approach, we join the dots for you, look at your priorities and set up a personalised energy strategy for your business now and the future.

How we can help

Save money, take control and reduce administration with our bespoke energy consulting service to simplify your energy strategy. Read more

Our Process

Our comprehensive process ensures that every minute detail is considered for your business energy strategy. Read more

Why Wise Up?

We are independent energy consultants who help your business whether large or small save time and money on your energy costs. Read more

Why must energy advice be truly independent?

To be confident that you are getting the right advice for your business, you need a trusted energy consultant who is unswayed by hidden commissions, affiliate payments or kickbacks.

We are paid by you, which means we work 100% in your business and for your business.

  • We have no ownership or affiliations with energy providers or energy product manufacturers.
  • We don’t receive any commissions or incentive payments from energy providers or energy product manufacturers.
  • We do not receive any hidden fees from metering rentals.


No affiliations. No commissions. No hidden fees.

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