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Business Energy Costs. Save with WiseUp

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Business energy costs a concern for your business?

Want to know how to reduce your power bill?


WiseUp Energy Solutions provide independent energy advice for electricity and gas bills. 100% free from brokerage, commissions and kickbacks.


We are Business Energy Strategists, specialising in energy cost management.

We work for a set fee to keep things simple.

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How is WiseUp Different?

Our business model sets us apart from traditional energy brokers.

We are not a broker. Sure, we compare the market to secure the lowest energy rates, but the price per kilowatt is just the beginning. 

  • We are entirely independent, retailer and product agnostic.
  • We are not paid by, nor do we receive commissions, incentives, or kickbacks from
    • Energy Retailers
    • Metering Providers
    • Solar Companies
    • Energy Efficiency Specialists
    • Third Party Referrals
  • We get cheaper rates for electricity and gas because there are no commissions bundled into the rates.
  • We have access to reduced electricity rates that are not advertised.
  • We are a proud signatory to the National Customer Code for Energy Brokers, Consultants and Retailers. Our Director, Sharon Musker, is a member of the National Customer Code Council.
  • We educate our customers to take complete control of their energy management and procurement and offer full-service management and procurement services.

Our fee structure sets us apart from traditional energy brokers.

  • You pay us a flat fee for our services. We work for you.
  • Our fees are the same, regardless of how much electricity you use or what you pay for it.
  • No hidden charges passed on via higher rates or ‘value-added service fees’.
  • Our fees are self-funded via lower power bills.

Call WiseUp today for a complimentary energy plan consultation. We will explain our processes and identify where we can reduce your electricity bill. If we can’t see any opportunities to save you money, we will let you know. It won’t cost you a cent, and you will have peace of mind that you are not paying more for electricity than you need to.

Where we can reduce energy costs, we will work with you to create an energy cost management strategy for your business. You will know the return on investment to ensure you can proceed with confidence. See our 5-Star Value Promise and 5-Star Service Promise.

Cheaper electricity bills are what WiseUp does every day of the week. It’s not all about rates! It’s about strategy, education and positioning your business to understand and navigate the energy market – the smarter way.

Energy Cost Management

Reduce Business Energy Costs – The Smarter Way

Customer Direct Metering Solutions

The Smarter Way to Control Metering Data and Costs

Electricity Bill Audits

The Smarter Way to Validate Your Bills

Energy Procurement

The Smarter Way to Buy Electricity

Solar Ready Analysis

Solar Investment – The Smarter Way 

Energy Cost Management Strategy Sessions

Energy Strategy – The Smarter Way 

Complimentary Energy Plan Consult

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Business Energy Costs. How WiseUp Can Save You Money

  • Review all aspects of your energy bill with our clear and insightful Electricity Bill Audit.
  • Use real usage data to validate your usage against charges on your bill.
  • Where we find anomalies, we work with our strategic alliances in energy to problem solve.  
  • Validate Solar savings have been realised. Did you know we have found several cases where businesses have paid thousands for Solar, and it was never switched on! True story.
  • Identify where we can save you money on your energy bill.
  • Compare the market to get you the lowest energy rates.
  • Create a strategic plan and help you to choose the right energy provider and implement your plan into action.
  • Establish new contracts and plans as required via our streamlined energy procurement process.
  • Review the expected versus actual savings to ensure the plan is executed across the entire supply and retail chain.
  • Provide ongoing support as your real business partner in energy cost management.

Business Energy Costs. The WiseUp Advantage

  • The smarter way to purchase energy so you save money on electricity.
  • End-to-end energy solutions.
  • Business strategy in energy cost management.
  • Experts in energy procurement.
  • Independent negotiation power.
  • Lowest energy rates.
  • Simple reporting with in-depth data analysis.
  • Evidence-based decision making for informed and confident results.
  • Your energy partner – Care, service and support to provide genuine help.
  • Experts in energy billing and contract management.
  • Energy Industry experts providing insight into the changing energy market systems and structure.

Industries We Work With

We have literally saved millions of dollars for our clients across a wide range of Business Categories. These Businesses now have cheaper power bills – the smarter way.  We specialise in multi-site energy audits and procurement.

Clients with Cheaper Business Energy Bills – the WiseUp Way

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No affiliations. No commissions. No hidden fees.