Our vision is that every Business in Australia has the lowest cost energy solution that is tailor made for their Business.

Our Secret Formula to Save Money on Energy Costs

We help businesses become more profitable by reducing electricity costs.

Our clients are empowered to gain greater control over energy procurement.

We provide energy cost management and procurement strategies to give businesses confidence that they have the cheapest power bills in their sector.

We know all the traps in the energy market and provide insider information to help businesses navigate the market.

Our clients can focus on their core purpose, knowing that their energy costs are optimal. They are not paying a cent more for electricity and gas than they need to.

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Our Vision

  • Every business in Australia has the lowest cost energy solution that is tailor made for their Business.
  • Our clients are delighted in the services and education we provide to reduce energy costs.  More clients.  More savings.

Our promise 

  • You’ll never have to wait hours on hold to discuss your energy needs.
  • No bots, no call centres – a real expert is just a phone call away.
  • We will fiercely advocate for you and will get you a better outcome.
  • If we can’t get you a better outcome, we’ll explain why and won’t charge you a cent.
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Our Values

  • We are a small family business 100% Australian owned with all operations and staff  based in Australia.
  • We are committed to personalised, customer first service.
  • We are 100% free from hidden brokerage costs, performance fees, commissions and kickbacks.
  • Honesty and transparency drives everything we do to provide electricity and gas savings.
  • Our Business thrives on excellent quality standards and processes.
  • Energy cost reduction is all about strategic thinking and providing grassroots advocacy for our clients.
  • We embrace high ethical standards within the rules and regulations set by the Australian Energy Commission
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Our Story

WiseUp Energy Solutions was born in 2016 because we felt energy customers were getting a bad deal. Many energy solutions were cookie-cutter and designed with built-in commissions and incentives that did not value the Customer.

We saw a massive gap in the market. We knew we could provide energy Customers better value and more personalised service. There had to be a smarter way!

We believe that every Business deserves a fair go and that no one should pay a cent more for power than necessary.

WiseUp is passionate about driving down costs for Business. Our expertise in energy cost management sets us apart from competitors in the energy sector.

We are Business Energy Strategists providing independent advice for clients to wise up to the energy market to cut energy costs.

Our clients are in the box seat to understand the mysteries of electricity and gas bills. We provide a trusted source of truth, so you do not fall prey do dodgy sales tactics.

Electricity bills, electricity contracts, energy procurement, solar efficiency and solar energy – we love them all! We know where to look to find savings. There’s far more to it than just comparing the market for the cheapest rates. Yes, we do get our clients the lowest market rates every time.

So far, we have saved our clients millions and millions of dollars with cheaper energy deals and tailored, fit for purpose solutions. We also helped them make critical decisions in solar procurement and stopped them from signing contracts that were not in their best interests.

This company is only warming up. We are excited to grow the Business so more energy consumers can get a better deal and know that they have energy experts in their corner.


WiseUp Director

Sharon Musker – Business Energy Strategist

  • Energy cost management expert.
  • Customer Code Council member on the National Customer Code for Energy Brokers, Consultants and Retailers.  Code Council Members
  • Fierce, independent, customer advocate.

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