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What are Customer Direct Metering Solutions?

Direct Metering Agreements

WiseUp Energy Solutions has worked with leading metering providers to deliver our Customer Direct Metering service offering.

We can create a Direct Metering Agreement (DMA) for your business, to give you direct access to your meter data.

Meter data is a crucial component to monitor how energy is used and is the first step to controlling energy costs.

What's the Benefit for My Business?

Lower Electricity Bills

  • Your DMA will deliver lower metering fees.  No third party commissions or hidden charges bundled into your electricity bill.

Lower Electricity Rates

  • When it comes to going to market for your next energy Contract, having access to your meter data is priceless!  You can go to market with less fuss and get better rates.
  • Energy Retailers can offer the very best market rates if they have a clear picture of your energy usage profile. This takes risk off the table for the Retailers.

Data Intelligence

  • Direct log-in access to your meter data without the need to access through an energy provider.
  • Consistency of data history.
  • Build a profile for your business to improve energy efficiency and reduce electricity bills.

Peace of Mind

  • Auditability. You will have peace of mind checking that your electricity bills are accurate and not overcharged.
What's Included?

Direct Metering Agreement

  • WiseUp will compare available Direct Metering Solutions and advise the best value, fit for purpose solution.
  • We will prepare and process your new agreement.
  • We will walk you through how to access your data, set up reporting and guide you through how, when and where you will get the most value from this data.

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