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WiseUp Energy Solutions was delighted to contribute to Inside Small Business Magazine with a small educational piece How to lower energy costs and manage cash flow.

One Size Doesn’t Fit all for Energy Cost Reduction

Many components contribute to your electricity bill, and rates are just one. Optimising and reducing your energy costs is like setting up a high-performance car to take the chequered flag at Bathurst. All the components from fuel, tyres, transmission, engine, tuning, carburettor, and suspension need to be set up just right to work together seamlessly to achieve the best results.  Let WiseUp put you in the driver’s seat to understand, manage and reduce your energy costs.

Network Tariff Optimisation

Network Tariff are charges that are passed on to fund the poles and wires required to deliver electricity to your business. These costs account for over half of your energy bill! Ergon and Energex (Qld) have a range of tariffs, and your default tariff may not be best suited to your business.  

Your Tariff determines how you are charged, whether that be a flat rate, a time-of-use tariff or a demand tariff.  We crunch the numbers to compare tariffs to make sure you are on the right Tariff for your Business.  We can facilitate tariff changes where suitable.

Demand Management

Did you know that if you are on a Demand Tariff, the maximum peak of your energy usage within the set demand times is used to calculate your monthly demand charges?

We dig deep into your usage data to understand how and when you use electricity and how this can impact your demand charges. 

Managing your demand may require a two-pronged approach.

  • Energy Efficiency.
    • Looks for ways to reduce consumption
    • Replace older energy-inefficient machinery with newer technology.
  • Load Management.  How you use energy can make a big difference to your bills at the end of the month.
    • Can you change the timing of your operations to avoid or reduce peak usage in-demand times?
    • Can you spread out the times of turning on high-energy use machinery?

WiseUp Energy Solutions can work with you to optimise energy efficiency and load management.


Your electricity meter measures your consumption.  The data from your meter is passed onto your retailer to calculate your bill and onto the network to calculate network charges.  There are different types of meters, and the type of meter determines how much and how frequently your consumption data can be captured. 

Can you answer these questions about your metering?

  • Am I paying ‘value added charges’ for metering?
  • Do I know how much these value-added charges are?
  • Do I have access to my metering data?
  • Do I understand the importance of this data?

If you can’t answer all these questions with confidence, there may be savings to be had and smarter ways to use your metering data.

WiseUp Energy Solutions can set you up on a direct metering agreement to save you $$, give you access to your data and use this data to validate bills and go to market for your next contract.