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Small Business Energy Savings!

Special Offer for aVers eNewsletter Subscribers

50% electricity discount for small business aVers Bookkeeping DiscountAre you tired of being constantly ripped off by energy retailers and energy saving companies?

Here’s the deal: YOU ARE!

WiseUp Energy Solutions is on a mission!  Everything we do is designed to reduce energy costs.

Guess what: We do not receive commission from energy suppliers. So it is in our interest to get you the lowest price possible. Not the deal that offers the best commission.

Now get this: There are 250 Small Business Electricity products out there. Here’s where it gets good: not all of them are advertised.

Let’s break it down:

  • We will review your consumption and price against the market.
  • We will check your electricity meter to determine how it’s setup.
  • We will establish if we can save you money.
  • If we can’t save you money, there is no charge.
  • Where we can find savings, we do the negotiating and all the work for you.
  • We will email a short report with all ins and outs and savings.

80% of the businesses out there are paying more than they need to. Is this you?

What do you have to lose? Contact us now!

How many energy companies do you know would sit down with you to educate and inform you all to help you save money?

WiseUp puts the power back in your hands.

Great things will happen if: All savings negotiated go directly to you. We are 100% independent and are paid by you, which means we work in your business and for your business.

Special Offer for aVers eNewsletter Subscribers

You know exactly what you get and there are no hidden charges. When we will find savings our fees are quickly recouped by way of lower energy costs.

  • Our service fee is $350 ex GST plus 5% of the savings we achieve for you.
  • As a valued aVers eNewsletter Subscriber, you get a 50% discount on the savings fee.
  • As an example, if we save you $5,000 our fee will be only $475. Plus all the future savings to keep.



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Want to take control of your energy costs?