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We have just refreshed a few aspects of our web site to align with our new logo and branding. This photo of umbrellas resonated with us, and we thought it was a metaphor for WiseUp and needed to be front and centre on our home page.

So, how does a photo of umbrellas represent what we do here at WiseUp? The answer is that we are a disrupter in the energy industry, and we like to stand out from the pack! Just like your trusty brolly, we can shield you from the harsh elements and keep you focussed on the job at hand – running your business.

So, what makes WiseUp so different?

We don’t just compare the energy market to focus on the cheapest electricity rates. Sure, we get the best market rates for electricity—That’s always a given. We focus on short and long term strategies, best fit and tailor-made solutions.

Others limit themselves to advertised or sponsored rates – and include built-in commissions. We dig deep to find the very best solutions built ground up, just for you. No commissions, no kickbacks, no brokerage. Every dollar we save goes back into your business. And what’s more, were are delighted to pass on our knowledge and expertise, so you don’t feel trapped. We love the ‘teach a man to fish strategy’.

Stand out from the pack and call WiseUp today to take control and reduce your energy costs.

WiseUp the smarter way