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Energy Savings Case Studies

The Challenge

We have been in business now for almost five years! It’s been the most rewarding and challenging journey we have ever taken, and we have a long way to go.

Running the business and reducing energy bills for our client’s has been our number one priority. We have worked across a diverse range of companies from agriculture, to pubs and clubs, to schools, gyms and bakeries. These businesses had three things in common;

  • They were confused by their electricity bill.
  • Paid more for electricity than they needed to.
  • Didn’t realise there are other aspects of their electricity bill, besides rates per kWh, that should be considered in the overall analyses to reduce costs.

Case Studies 

We have delivered outstanding savings to our clients, but haven’t been good at sharing the many successes we have had along the way.

We have launched a new page on our web site for Case Studies. We want to share some of the fantastic success stories and insight into some of the challenges faced by our clients and the solutions we delivered.

Our Case Studies are a work in progress as we compile more examples of cheaper power bills for business.

  • See how we have reduced energy costs for a bakery here.
  • We have enjoyed saving money for Not For Profits. Please read about it here.
  • A Brisbane Private School has had an education in energy cost management, electricity contracts, electricity tariffs, solar energy and energy efficiency. Their electricity bills are dux of the school! It’s all here.