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Case Studies

Cheaper Electricity - Smarter Way


  • We are so excited to share some real examples where we have saved our clients millions of dollars in reduced energy costs. 

    Electricity bills excite us! We love to lift the bonnet and fine-tune energy bills to get them running just right for Business.


    We have worked with some fantastic Businesses who, just like us, are working hard to deliver value to their clients and make a difference in their industry.


    Bakeries, Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants, Farmers, Coffee Roasters, Grocers, Retailers, Gyms, Private SchoolsNot for Profits, Sports Clubs, Manufacturing and Industrial, Cafes, Medical Centres, Wholesalers. What have all these Businesses got in common? They all have cheaper electricity, thanks to WiseUp.


    We have so many Case Studies to share and will continue to build up this library in the coming months. Meanwhile, we are working hard to deliver outstanding energy cost management services for our valued clients.

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