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Our story started almost by chance. 

After running small businesses in various industries, including Retail, Agriculture, Manufacturing and Finance, it was time for a change.

I fell into the energy industry by chance, working for an Electricity Broker and then Retailer. I came away from the experience frustrated and disillusioned to learn how unnecessarily complicated the energy sector is, with its constant focus on sales rather than customer service.


Finding a new way

In 2016 WiseUp was established as a new way to help businesses manage energy costs using data and strategy to achieve savings and solutions. As independent energy specialists, our business model provides a holistic approach where we simplify the process of managing energy costs and help our clients understand what they are paying for. We understand the energy ecosystem, so we can educate, guide, and support your business to purchase energy on your terms, not the energy providers. We are fiercely independent and customer-focused, that’s part of our DNA.


Understanding the energy puzzle

So, whether it’s a complimentary bill analysis, where I look for any discrepancies and problems and bring awareness to any hidden costs and unnecessary fees or guide a business with energy options when purchasing or leasing a commercial space. Our clients range from small businesses to multi-site operations, from bakeries to agriculture and manufacturing. We pride ourselves on piecing the energy puzzle together for business and helping you not only save money but understand how to get the most suitable option – all for a flat fee, no hidden commissions or kickbacks.

We are here for you

My passion has evolved as a determination to drive down energy costs for businesses and advocate for transparency in the industry. I am a co-writer and elected council member of the National Customer Code for Energy Brokers, Consultants and Retailers, which is raising awareness and improving outcomes for business energy users.

Comparison websites cannot understand your business needs and provide comprehensive energy analysis and are unable to provide enough information to make informed choices. So don’t wait for rising power bills to affect your business or as a referral partner, a business you work with, contact us today to discuss all your energy-saving needs.